Required Chefs

Require Chefs/Cooks for Commercial/Delivery kitchen

Commercial or delivery kitchens now have new names. They are also referred to as 'Cloud Kitchens' or 'Ghost Restaurants.' What is a Ghost Restaurant, you may ask. Well, A ghost restaurant or a virtual restaurant or delivery-only restaurant, is an establishment that only offers take-out. These eateries don’t have a storefront and so 'ghostly', so customers cannot pick up their own food. Such restaurants deliver food directly to their patrons, often through the use of third-party delivery services like Swiggy or Zomato. These kind of restaurants work well for areas where rents are very high. So, instead of putting huge amounts on getting a seating and waiting space, they arrange for a small place to prepare the food and deliver the same through apps or online orders. This way they do not even need to worry about updating signage or printed materials. In case of unavailability of an ingredient, they can easily swap their menu items with something that is easily accessible. Also, such setups are perfect to experience with new concepts. If it doesn't work, scrap it and shift to another one without much expense. Now when it comes to hire cooks/chefs for commercial kitchens, it is a big challenge as the chef needs to be quick to roll out the order because it needs to be delivered piping hot too. The chef has to be prepared for making small quantities of food or cooking in bulk. Our cooks are well-trained to work in this kind of setups. They can help you in menu designing and how to use the local ingredients to make great food consequently saving you time and money both.