Required Chefs

Require Chefs/Cooks for One day event

Are you organizing a one day event be it in your office, outdoors or any other place of your choice? It could be anything that you want to celebrate or just a simple get together with friends or extended family. It is a difficult task to hire someone just for a day as most chefs do not work on daily basis. And cooking the whole meal from starters, drinks to desserts is not something you'd want to do on a special ocassion. So, HireCooks is here for your rescue. We have trained chefs who can reach to your venue even in a short notice of 24 hours. Let us know a day in advance and our chef will take care of all your event requirements. The chef will prepare all kinds of cuisines and food items that you or your guests will relish. Moreover, you need not worry about the menu planning if that is not your forte. Our chef will prepare the best dishes according to your tastes and preferrences and also keeping in mind the available ingredients. If needed, our team will also plan the whole event for you. Our chef will make your day memorable with event and menu planning. You can choose from the cuisines of all over the world. Hire cooks/chefs for one day event from us and then just relax and enjoy your event while our chefs will dish out scrumptious food. As of now this service is only available in Mumbai and Bangalore. We will shortly be expanding to other Tier I and Tier II cities.