Rent our kitchen (In Mumbai)

Rent our kitchen (In Mumbai) for Food trials

When you think of starting a food business, you are a newbie with no access to a kitchen or the equipements needed to try out recipes. It is not feasible for anyone to buy a space just to conduct food trials. But, you can rent our kitchen for food trials. We have a fully equipped kitchen in Mumbai which is affordable too. Here are some features of our kitchen.

  1. Our kitchen is spread across 250. sq.ft. area.
  2. We have all sorts of cutleries and crockeries from fork to service plates.
  3. We have seperate tandoor section.
  4. There is a commercial pizza oven with a capacity of two pizzas at a time.
  5. There are 10 burners and a tandoor drum.
  6. Commercial deep freezer.
  7. 3 Washrooms with complete water facility and 4 sinks (2 for cooking purpose and 2 for 2 for washing purpose)
  8. Fire safety equipment.

You can utilise our kitchen on hourly basis or even on monthly basis. You can begin as a commercial delivery kitchen by using our kitchen to prepare food items and getting them delivered to your customers. This way you'll not have to spend a fortune on building a kitchen to see if your business is successful initially or not. Our kitchen is open to you and your food trials.