Rent our kitchen (In Mumbai)

Rent our kitchen (In Mumbai) for Catering

Rent our kitchen for catering for any functions or events. Office party, birthday party, wedding, house warming, or any other functions. Catering for an event requires a huge amount of food compared to what is made at home for family. So, to make this amount of food you require a big space and along with that you will also need big utensils and pots to cook the food in. Our kitchen has all sorts of catering utensils that would be enough for any small or a large gathering of people. If you are a caterer who has no space to cook food for your event, you can prepare the food in our kitchen with comfort and take the food to your client's venue. We have catering sized large equipments too which will make your work easier and efficient. With 10 burners and a tandoor, you can cook any amount of food in less time. A big catering order and no space to prepare the food? Worry not, contact us now!