Required Chefs

Require Chefs/Cooks for Restaurant

The first step when you need to hire chefs is to decide what you are looking for. This could be based on the type of restaurant you are likely to open, what kind of cuisine will you be serving there, what level of chefs will you be needing. The hierarchy of Chefs start with trainees. They then can go up to the level of Commis, Commi 3, Commi 2 and Commi 1 and then to higher positions. Commis are trained and supervised by Chef de partie. A chef de partie is also known as a "station chef" or a "line cook." This chef is in charge of a specific area of production. In big kitchens, each chef de partie might have several cooks or assistants under them. HireCooks provide highly efficient and experienced chefs right from commis to executive chefs who can work under the demanding environment of a restaurant. Executive chef is someone who is in charge of all activities related to the kitchen. Right from menu creation, purchasing inventory to staff management decisions. Apart from cooking amazing food, our candidate will be an expert in menu planning, using local ingredients, training the staff under him and ensuring that food sanitation, safety and food handling functions are practiced in their areas on a daily basis by paying attention to even minute details. You can simply let us know the level of chefs you're looking for and we will be more than glad to help you find the best from our vast database. To hire Cooks/Chefs for restaurants, contact us now.