Required Chefs

Require Chefs/Cooks for Food Truck

In today’s world, Food trucks have become a booming business. They are the most popular restaurant concept today. If you’re looking to hire cooks/chefs for your food truck, we are your best bet. Food Trucks are challenging as it is not a restaurant in a fixed place. They are moving all the time and often parked at different locations. Opening a food truck is a different ball game altogether. They adhere to a typical menu as the options become limited. You need a vehicle with proper documents, permits and licences are required by the concerned authorities, health department permit, seller's permit, FSSAI License, NOC from fire department and a number of other legal formalities need to be fulfilled. After all this, the biggest challenge with Food trucks is the lack of space. The truck with on-board kitchen and appliances is almost full and leaves little space for the chef to stand and prepare things. The chef should be well aware of the location of ingredients, utensils and equipments so that he can easily find them and prepare the orders. HireCooks provides you just that. A chef that can make your food truck a favourite among your patrons. They are trained to work in the challenging environment of the food truck and still dish out delicious food each and every time. Choose one of our candidates and be rest assured that your food truck business is sure to flourish.