Required Chefs

Require Chefs/Cooks for Café

A café is a type of restaurant which generally serves coffee, beverages, snacks or light meals. It comes from the French term café which translated to coffee. It is also referred to as a coffee shop or a coffeehouse. Here the kind of chefs required would be the ones who can prepare a variety of beverages hot and cold made from tea and coffee. Also, the food served here differs greatly from what is served in a proper restaurant. So, the Chef should be able to prepare different kinds of snacks, appetizers or light meals like Sandwiches, subs, wraps and rolls. Not only this, he should also be able to prepare juices, slushies, other coolers and a number of desserts like cakes, cupcakes, brownies which are most popular amongst youngsters as they are the frequent visitors of Cafés. As for them, "Coffee and friends make the perfect blend." When you need to Hire Cooks/Chefs for your Cafés in Mumbai, we are your best bet. Our candidates are well aware of the duties of being a Café chef. And they are well trained to do the same. You will never have to worry about your Café again once you give a chance to our candidate to be in the kitchen. Choose from a plethora of options that we have and sit back and let the chef do his magic.