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Consulting (In Mumbai) for Others

If you deal with kitchen or food, we can provide consultation to you on various other things too. Apart from cooks and chefs if you require a manager, a supervisor, stewards, waiters, etc we can even arrange them for your business. You can consult us even before you decide to set up a food business. We can discuss the pros and cons and you can decide accordingly. Our consulting team will guide you at each and every step of the business on how to effeciently run and manage things without hiccups of any sorts. All in all we take care of everything right from the inception of your business, getting the equipments, setting up the kitchen. planning and designing the menu, helping you with fixing the prices of the items, hiring and training the staff for you and all other kitchen related operations. All these services are now available at Mumbai and Bangalore and will be soon open to other major cities of Tier I and Tier II.