Consulting for (In Mumbai)

Consulting (In Mumbai) for Operations

HireCooks offers consulting for operations. This include all kinds of kitchen related as well as business related operations. Once you set up your kitchen and are done with planning the menu and hiring and training the staff, our consultant will guide you on how to go about the operations.

Inventory management - We offer consultation on how to regularly and timely manage the inventory coordinating with both menu planning process and purchasing Process.

Purchases - Our consultant guides on how to handle purchases and plan them in a way that the cooking never suffers because of any ingredient that lacks or is not in stock.

Food Safety - We provide consultation on how to comply with food safety standards set by FSSAI.

Kitchen Safety - Kitchen is a place where accidents can happen if proper care is not taken. Our consultant ensures complete safety of your kitchen and makes standards for safety easy to comprehend and follow.

Food Deliveries - For setups providing food deliveries, it is essential to have a dedicated staff who can ensure timely delivery of food ordered. Our team will train the volunteers from the staff on how they can do this in less turnaround time.