Consulting for (In Mumbai)

Consulting (In Mumbai) for Menu planning

Menu planning is of core importance for a food business. Your menu determines whether or not your business will be successful and to what extent. Different type of setups require different menus. A café for example will have hot and cold beverages, sandwiches, wraps and rolls, juices, etc. A fine dining restaurant on the other hand will have exotic food items like Oysters, different kinds of cheese from the world over, expensive nuts and chocolates. We take all these factors into consideration before designing a menu for you. We design the menu for both India as well as international cuisines. Different regional cuisines of India as well as French, Mexican, American, Morrocan, Indonesian, and many other countries of the world. We work out the costing based on all expenses incurred and also set the price according to the market prices. We also make sure you earn a decent amount as profit. Our team also helps you in updating the menu time and again as per the food trends of the market. Call us for consulting for menu planning for your restaurant, café, food trucks or any other kitchen.