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Consulting for Kitchen Setup

When one wants to start a food business be it a restaurant, café, a fine dine restaurant or even a delivery kitchen, they have very little idea of how to begin, whom to approach and how to go about things. It is very important to approach the right people as there are agencies that will take you for a ride and all your hard earned money will go down the drain. We provide consulting for kitchen setups and our dynamic consulting team can help you with

Finding the right location to set up the business - Not all locations suit the food business nor such businesses are permitted at all places. So, our team can guide you and work with you to find the exact place for the kind of business you'd want to set up. After a thorough research of the area we can also let you know what kind of items would sell there.

Setting up the entire kitchen - Our team has all the technical know how of how a professional kitchen runs and what kind of appliances and equipments would best suit to your choice of kitchen setup. They will set the entire kitchen for you and help you kickstart your venture.

Designing the kitchen - Kitchen designing is a vast subject and a few people have the knowledge on how to design a professional kitchen. Our team designs the kitchen not only as per the latest trends but also keeping in mind your preferences and the kind of food business you choose. Like for a café, the kitchen design would be different than that for a fine dine restaurant which will require a very sophisticated kitchen.

Buying required equipments at reasonable rates - A kitchen is nothing without its proper equipments. Even the best chefs could not do much if they are not equipped with the required appliances to make cooking easy and fast. We guide you on what exactly you need to buy for your kitchen setup and not a single thing extra. We also help you to buy those on reasonable rates. Thus, saving you money on both fronts.

Creating economical menu - Creating a menu is the most essential part of a commercial kitchen. The food items should match the type of setup you choose to open. Also, a lot of things like availability of ingredients, their prices, etc are to be considered while designing a menu. We create an economical menu for you so that you can earn a sufficient profit margin on all items.

Hiring and training staff - We also arrange and train the staff on the basis of your kitchen set up. HireCooks specializes in training your kitchen staff to serve the customers better.